mercoledì 10 marzo 2010

Georgine Darcy was born at Brooklyn, New York, on January 14 1936. Her mother, whose priority was for her daughter to earn "a fast buck", urged her to become a stripper. After furious arguments, Darcy enrolled in ballet class and took sporadic modelling jobs. She left home aged 16, travelling from New York to the West Coast by bus, eventually arriving in California. There she became friends with the actresses Irish McCalla and Malia Nurmi, who went on to become the horror star Vampira.Hitchcock kept in touch with Georgine Darcy after Rear Window, declaring: "If you go to Europe and study Chekhov, I could make a big star out of you." But she again ignored his advice, and settled into a mediocre career. Her most noticeable roles came as Gypsy, the secretary to Pat O'Brien on Harrigan and Son on television in the early 1960s, and in the undistinguished films Don't Knock the Twist (1962), with Chubby Checker; Women and Bloody Terror (1969); and The Delta Factor (1970).When she was 19, Georgine Darcy had a short-lived marriage, and is survived by her second husband, the actor Byron Palmer, to whom she was married for 30 years.The other day I saw "Roar window" at the University(I study cinema)and,a part from the movie,whic is very interesting,and Grace Kelly,I was impressed by her: Georgine! I found her very sexy and funny,like her who starts dancing early in the morning in time for breakfast!!! I like also Greta but I prefer Georgine.Unfortunately,there aren't too much photos of her on the internet.

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