venerdì 3 settembre 2010

1 A wonderfoul collection of rings.
2 Romantic dresses wich reminds me of a French movies.
3 An unicorn.I've always loved this mythical animal.
4 Uber hippies,love them!
5 Angelina Jolie being super sexy.She's amazing and she's one of my favourite actress!She's so talented.
6 Janelle Monae:a musical revelation.

And you?What is inspiring you now?Let me know with a comment.



6 commenti:

  1. Love the first two photos :D xx

  2. Lovely blog you have here! I fell in love with your 'weheartit' page, and I just had to follow your blog. It's deliriously wonderful. You're a great girl, I hope you know that.

    I'm Norah, by the way. Find me at 'lets run away' @

    Much Love,
    Norah xxx

    ps. I love twiggy, too! :D

  3. Love your photos lady!

    Oh & this song inspires me :-)

  4. I love all those pictures, they're amazing
    nice blog



Thank you for all your comments:):)