mercoledì 8 giugno 2011


Heyyy everybody!I just wanna tell you that today I WON a contest thanks to the fashion blog "Blue is in fashion this year"^^ I'm so happy because it's the first time I end up winning a web contest,my tee is the one with Twiggy on it(third one from bottom left): fantastic brand, more info from the official web site:

A QUESTION OF fosters diversity and creativity.
We are believers in sustainable fashion made with love and respect to people and the environment.

Digitalization is the true revolution. Transparency and sincerity is the means.
The world is our playground. We just happened to be based in Scandinavia.

Make sustainable living a simple choice.

For us sustainability is to create a better tomorrow by:
- Treating our workers with fairness and respect.
- Using eco-friendly materials to reduce the environmental impact and improve human health.
- Ensuring continuous creative development through today’s talents.



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  1. Ciao,
    mi è piaciuto molto il tuo blog !!
    Sono già un seguace ... Potrebbe seguire anche me ??
    prega di commentare !!
    Grazie mille
    Alice Dias


Thank you for all your comments:):)