domenica 11 marzo 2012

Peggy Moffitt (born in California in 1939) was during the 1960s a premier model and muse for the late fashion designer Rudi Gernreich. She developed a signature style that featured heavy, Kubuki-like makeup and an asymmetrical hair cut.Though her unique look has now become iconic of the 60s fashion scene, Peggy started out pursuing a career in film, beginning with an uncredited role in the 1955 film You're Never Too Young.As a model, she developed a signature style, including false eyelashes and heavy eye makeup, drawing on Japanese Kabuki theater. Her hairstyle, a asymmetrical bowl cut, became known as the "five point".Her unique look became an icon of the 1960s fashion scene.In 1964, she made international headlines when she was photographed by her husband William Claxton wearing Gernreich's famous topless monokini bathing suit.After Gernreich's death, she retained legal rights to his designs and arranged for his designs to be display in an art exhibition. She also collaborated with Marylou Luther and photographer Claxton to release a comprehensive book chronicling Gernreich's designs.The Chicago band The Handcuffs feature the song "Peggy Moffitt" on their debut album Model for a Revolution, with famous photographs of the revolutionary model on the CD cover.Boyd Rice and Giddle Partridge released a limited edition vinyl called Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt in 2008.

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