venerdì 23 ottobre 2009

Hello everybody. Today I write for you about a woman I appreciate a lot: Angela Bowie, (or Angie). But now let’s start with some part of her bio I took from Angela Bowie (born Mary Angela Barnett in 1949 in Cyprus) is an American cover girl, model, actress, and musician. She’s the ex- wife of musician David Bowie. She met David Bowie in 1969, at the age of 19. According to David Bowie, they met through their mutual friendship with Chinese-American record executive Dr. Calvin Mark Lee. She married Bowie one year later, on 19 March 1970 at Bromley Register Office in Beckenham Lane, Kent. On 30 May 1971, David and Angie Bowie had a son they named Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones. Zowie later preferred to be known as Joe/Joey, although now he has reverted to the name Duncan Jones. David Bowie wrote the songs "The Prettiest Star" and "Golden Years" about her. Angela often accompanied him on his international concert tours, which included the U.S., Japan and Europe. In 1973, she appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson Angela also performed on The Mike Douglas Show in early 1975 she auditioned for the leading role in the television series Wonder Woman, but the part eventually went to Lynda Carter. She also modelled for photographer Terry O'Neill. Angie and David Bowie separated after eight years of marriage and divorced on 8 February 1980, in Switzerland. She later called it "a marriage of convenience" for both, and settled for £300,000. She then began a long-term relationship with punk musician Drew Blood (real name Andrew Lipka) and, on 24 July 1980 gave birth to their daughter, Stacia Larranna Celeste Lipka, in Mendocino, California. I think that Angie is a really interesting and beautiful woman, she helped David to create his alter ego Ziggy Stardust and promote his career in the music business . Seems that a famous Rolling Stones song is dedicated to her: “ Angie” written in 1973 about a relationship he had with David Bowie's wife Angela, Jagger denies this. But the legend is still alive. She also wrote a book in 1993 “ Backstage passes: life on the wild side with David Bowie”, revealing lots of gossips about her life with the singer and with all her friends…The old photos of her family with David are very cute, if you haven’t seen it yet please take a look.

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