martedì 3 novembre 2009

Brian Eno is one of the most important musician of all the time.He produced lots of important album in music history,and introdueced Ambient and New Wave into music.His discography is very long,so I decided to put on only his production for other artist that are remarkable for me:

(1976) David Bowie : Low (Eno/Bowie wrote "Warszawa" - Eno: vocals, splinter Minimoog, report ARP, guitar treatments, piano, keyboards, synthetics, Chamberlin, other synthesizers)

(1977) David Bowie : "Heroes" (Eno/Bowie compongono "Heroes", "Moss Garden", "Neuköln" e "The Secret Life of Arabia" - Eno: synthesizers, keyboards, guitar treatments)

(1978) Devo : Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (Eno producing)

(1978) Talking Heads : More Songs About Buildings And Food (Eno producing - Eno: synthesizers, piano, guitar, percussion, background singing)

(1978) David Bowie : Lodger (Eno/Bowie compongono "Fantastic Voyage", "African Night Flight", "Red Sails", "DJ", "Look Back In Anger", "Boys Keep Swinging" - Eno: synthesizers, ambient drone, prepared piano, cricket menace, guitar treatments, horse trumpet, eroica horn)

(1997) David Bowie: EART HL I NG (Eno/Bowie compongono "I'm Afraid Of Americans")

He also composed the 1994 Microsoft theme.

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