lunedì 16 novembre 2009

Hello everybody!! Today I wanna show you an interesting Japanese trend: Deco Den.Deco Den is the abbreviation for "decoration denwa" This trend is very fashionable and kawaii (this word means "cute","lovely" in Japanese)and give you the opportunity to decorate your mobile phone,Ipod,Nintendo Ds Lite cover,or other techno stuff!! I like it very much,because is very original,have you ever seen something like this before? Girls in Japan are crazy for Deco Den and for example in Tokyo you can find Deco Den's shop.Incredible!! Whipped cream,fake biscuits,cute bear,Swarowsky,bows on the cover of your pretty accessories!!If you are curious about this technique and you wanna try it,start buyin' silicone for create the fake whipped cream effect!! You'll smile for the rest of the day.Is very simple to create the whipped effect,then you can use some brilliant beads or some little plushies,your friend will be very jealous ;P I've tryed months ago with my boyfriend and we've had lots of fun!I think in Europe Deco Den is quite unknow,especially here in Italy.

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  1. I am in LOVE with decoden!! I am decorating my phone with Hello Kitty >^.^<



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